Back to writing

It seems like ages ago since I last wrote in this blog…because it really has been! In this time, I have become a full time self-employed Chinese medicine practitioner with a growing family of three children, two senior dogs, and a husband who is also self-employed. There’s never a dull moment and life is certainly full!

The winter has been exceptionally long and punctuated with extreme weather patterns. We are normally a fairly active family throughout the year including during the winter when we typically enjoy doing outdoor activities such as skiing and skating and tobogganing. This year we found it challenging to get outside as we often braved severe wind, cold, snow accumulation or ice. Being in a cold climate with shorter exposure to daylight has really taken a toll this year mentally, physically, emotionally – for many people I know, including myself!

So as part of my self-care plan, I’m going to work on getting back into some daily routines that have served me well in the past – one of which is writing in the mornings. As I get my writing groove back, you will see some initial ramblings on whatever inspires or amuses me at the moment, I suspect!

Have you also found this time of year challenging? What are some things that have shaped who you are and bring you back to your centre? What things are you wanting to try this year and / or re-introduce into your daily life?



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