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A great post from Carrie on the Parenting Passageway on how to spend time with your children outdoors especially during the summer months when school is officially out.

The Parenting Passageway

With the publication of such important works as “Last Child In The Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature Deficit Disorder” by Richard Louv, hopefully parents everywhere are considering the importance of  nature, being in nature, and the foundational learning that occurs from spending time in nature.

I have mentioned many times that I bank on a extraordinary amount of outside time for small children under the age of seven – three to four hours a day  is not too much, and some children may need many more hours.   Young children need the sensory experiences of being in their bodies:   pushing, pulling, tugging, lugging, digging, moving, rolling in order to establish the fundamental bodily senses as a  proper foundation for later academic experiences.

If being outside is new to you or you need some ideas about what to do outside, here is a very, very popular post regarding connecting your child…

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Wondering how everyone else is coping with the heat? Great post by Celi on her lovely farmy… Plus a great recipe to try too! Enjoy.


The high nineties is hot. Add the dry wind and it is very hot. All the animals have different coping mechanisms. The Matriarchs dog has decided that he would rather ride than walk.  So he sits like a mini king in his chariot. And the Tall Teenager pedals him all over the county on their travels. 

The Big Baby Bobby cools his heels. 

When she is not in the shade of the barn, Mama stands in Queenie’s shadow. As Queenie moves across the field grazing so does Mama. Keeping her head in Queenie’s shadow the whole time. Moving in tandem. The cow lopes along with lazy strides. The Sheep trots quickly to catch up.  Hairy MacLairy does this with Daisy too.  The cows are like great big trees to the sheep. Mobile shade. It is quite funny to watch.  

The Plonkers need water and mud. They have no cooling…

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