Kasama-Yaki (Made in Kasama)

Follow the life of two potters Katsuji and Shigeko Kokubo and how they and the people of Japan have been affected by the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear radiation disasters in this beautiful documentary filmed by their talented daughter, Yuki Kokubo. Please share with your friends and also consider making a donation by clicking on this link:…

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Leapin’ Leap Frogs! It’s a Leap Year!

There’s something special about a day that only comes once every four years… My mother’s birthday falls on March 1…so that means every four years, she has to wait one extra day to see her special day arrive. And since this year marks a special entry into a new decade for her, this means that…

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Divine Chocolate Mint Mousse

Photo: Healthy Voyager Breaking news from my daily news feed from EcoStiletto’s Blog: http://www.ecostiletto.com/index.php/Veganista/Comments A real vegan dessert that’s sure to impress your guests! This one replaces cream with avocado. Delicous and nutritious. Now this I have to try! “This vegan dessert recipe is from Carolyn Scott-Hamilton of The Healthy Voyager, whose new cookbook, Global…

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The Gift of Welcome

My daughter started a new class yesterday. What a strange adventure the last few weeks have been! While the challenges of kindergarten may seem trivial to some from the outside, those who have children or have experience dealing with ‘little people’ know how truly devastating an on-going, non-positive experience in a child’s first year of…

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Acupuncture Awareness Week February 27-March 04, 2012

Acupuncture Awareness Week February 27-March 04, 2012

“The first ever Acupuncture Awareness Week in the UK, supported by the British Acupuncture Council, aims to dispel the myths surrounding acupuncture, what conditions it can help and give members of the public/you all the information you need about treatment.

If you have a burning question about acupuncture you will find here a host of independent expert advice and answers including: Ask the Experts and video testimonials” – Acupuncture Awareness Week website

Milkshake anyone? The Amazing Chocolate Milk Adventure

Had any gravity defying experiences lately? My daughter’s chocolate milkshake sure did! Last week, as we were driving home from our Ontario-mandated Family Day Weekend in Ottawa (which I fully aprove of, btw!!), we made a much needed lunch stop in Brockville. About an hour after, one of my lovely little daughters needed to make an extra stop.…

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a poem for Sun Day

seeking truth at the very core what was so effortlessly created at seed could with one dark and silent frosty breath, be wilting, retracting, writhing. a new day.   heavy rains come pouring down to offer needed drink floods of light stream down to the Little One from a sun that warms unconditionally. They have come to save…

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Rockin’ Ratatouille for Four

Here’s a gluten-free recipe and a great way to get your daily dose of veggies. For those that wish to add a little something extra, may I suggest adding tofu, tempeh and /or chopped walnuts to the mix. Enjoy!  – Fay Meling Rockin’ Ratatouille for Four 2 shallots, minced 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 small…

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