Monthly Archives: December 2013

New Goals for a New Year

This year, I challenge you to take inventory of everything you have already accomplished in your life and see how these things can bring you to a new level of understanding. This year, I challenge you to not rely on others as much or sign up for the latest program, course, and/or scheduled class to get you where you need to go.

What great things can we accomplish if we trust the knowledge we already possess to help navigate any challenges in the New Year?

This doesn’t mean you should not seek help from those people you know and trust already. Or that you shouldn’t actively search for new resources that may help you accomplish your goals. It does mean highlighting your own efforts, achievements, and the person you know the best…yourself, to take YOU where you need to go!

As we enter into a new year, with renewed hope and inspiration for accomplishing our dreams, I wish you all the very best!



Stone Soup for an Ice Storm

This week was a physically, mentally, and emotionally trying week for us as an ice storm, the likes of which our beautiful city had not seen in forty plus years, descended upon us. Despairing tree branches creaked and groaned under the heavy weight of an inch plus of seemingly innocent ice, as their weakest members fell with dread. The only other sounds were the whispers of sparkling red berried bushes, and tall grasses that crisped and crackled under the lowered rays of the sun. Animals and people alike, scattered to look for other means of shelter.

The first few nights without central heat that took down power lines and destroyed vehicles and homes, were devastating for several and inconvenient for most. Yet neighbours, friends, and family all joined in and found ways to help one another, lending strong arms to lift heavy branches off the streets, checking on one another with offers of food, clothing, light and shelter and through hopeful verbal exchanges.

As we were one of the fortunate ones to have a gas stove and fireplace, we opened up our home for communal comfort and warmth. Our visitors, many of whom had to cancel holiday dinner plans, brought what they had and we all joined together sharing stories under natural light by day, and later, candlelit dinners by night to create our very own “Stone Soup” experience.

I wish you all the very best this holiday season, and as you navigate the experiences of the coming year, the ability to cherish new and beautiful moments, and the fortitude to move forward with light when there is dark.