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Love Celi’s posts. She is a great writer, a great farmer and a great friend to her loved ones. If you ever need a pick me up, read her posts!


When I first dreamed of having peacocks, this was the scene I saw in the sleepy eye of my mind. Kupa up on a fence surveying the farmy.  His colours  flashing but somehow blending with the surroundings. A tail like a collection of impossibly precious emerald brooches draped so casually across  the rustic fence.  Kupa has the most fantastic neon plumage, from his demure petticoats to the tail that grows longer daily. He is first up in the morning, and getting wonderfully tame.

He is an anachronism and at the same time perfectly at home in this location. Though the sight of him scoffing pig food in the pig sty is still a little unsettling.

Minty is learning to share. 

Though in the late afternoon  she still  likes to wait for her milk up on the verandah with the cats. 

Good morning. Daisy is standing on the North side of…

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Happy Mother’s Day! The collective thoughts of some special mamas out there

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and with lots to do today, so as I have limited time to write, here are some inspiring posts on Mothers and Mother’s Day. So if you’re not out enjoying the weather with your loved ones, sit down, relax, and enjoy with a cup of tea and cake!

Soule Mama – Mama’s Day (love her work and her blog):

The Magic Onions – Mother’s Day Crafts (love Donni’s world! Great fairy gardens displayed here as well!)

And a few from Alison Kramer of Reflections of Motherhood, a Canadian blogger and Waldorf mama who created this great video on motherhood:

And her insightful comments on celebrating Mother’s Day:


Great post on marriage and the analogy to the changing of the seasons.

The Parenting Passageway



If you remember,  Part One of Day Four  was about marriage:   Tonight I grabbed some of my well-worn (and needing to be cleaned) block crayons and set to work depicting something one often hears about marriages: how marriages have seasons. 






Spring marriages are hopeful, excited, optimistic about the future, full of thankfulness!  So thankful and grateful I found you!  So excited about the possibilities for the future!  There may be disagreements swirling around like the spring winds, but they seem small and breezy with the sun always shining through.    Many couples would say “spring” describes a season of early marriage, the beginning with all its shiny newness and glory.





In my almost twenty years of marriage, I can honestly say there have been many spring seasons, not just one.  The hope of being together in love, in the creation…

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The Parenting Passageway


Discipline is about guiding your child so they can grow up and be a wonderful adult.

Think for a moment about what you what your child to be like when they grow up. What qualities would you like them to have?


Now, erase that picture. It is not that that picture in your mind doesn’t count; absolutely it does.  You are the parent, you are the loving authority in your family.  It is just that children bring with them their own unique gifts, unique qualities.  They bring things you could never anticipate nor plan for.  They have as much to teach you and probably more than you have to teach them.  So, the impression of what you want to bring them will stay on the paper as it was erased, but something more important is being drawn over this…


That doesn’t mean that we throw up our…

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Wonderful post on maintaining a rhythm to your daily life from Carrie of the Parenting Passageway in her Rhythm series. Keep calm and carry on!

The Parenting Passageway


In Part Five of this series on rhythm, we looked at the number one challenge toward establishing rhythm:  going out too much and saying “yes” to too many things outside the home.  Today, I want to tell you THE SECRET about having a successful rhythm.


It is getting out of your own way.


Release your anxiety and your fears.  Parent after parent after parent that I talk to who have homeschooled children who have graduated from homeschool say their children were well-prepared for college and for life, no matter what method the parent chose to homeschool!  Amazing and true! I see so many mothers who are worried, anxious and joyless in their parenting and homeschooling, and this is what the children see!  Don’t be wishy -washy and uncertain; fearful and scared!


Take the bull by the horns! Be confident!  Get your ho-hum on, and jump in…

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International May Day Celebrations Renewed

Well here we are. May 1st. Some exciting things are happening this month! While typically here in Canada we think of Mother’s Day and Victoria Day celebrations as the highlights of May, it seems that there has been a resurgence in the popularity of celebrating the very first day of this bright and cheerful month all over the world:

May Blossoms from the May tree. Photo Credit: ceridwen,

May Day, also known as the Gaelic festival of Beltane (May 1st) and the German Walpurgis Night (which is celebrated on the night of April 30 – and leads into May 1st),  is  typically observed in areas such as England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, France, and even Hawaii (where it is more commonly referred to as “Lei Day”).

Historically, May 1st was considered the first day of summer in some pre-Christian pagan cultures.  This day was celebrated in pre-Christian times as the festival of Flora in honour of the Roman Goddess of Flowers. Following the conversion of Europe to Christianity, many pagan celebrations were either dropped or given religious undertones. In Roman Catholic cultures, May is considered Mary’s month and May Day is usually celebrated as a tribute to the Virgin Mary. Flowers are used to adorn her head in a May Crowning represented in works of art such as plays, sculptures and figure drawings. 

For many other people, May Day is recognized as a secular tradition where spring and fertility is celebrated with events such as dancing around a Maypole decorated with colourful ribbons, and the crowning of the May Queen.  

Maypole in Munich, Germany

Queen Guinevre’s ‘Maying’ by John Collier. Photo credit: Andreas Praefke

If you are looking to make your own May Pole check out this amazing blog on spring festival celebrations and Maypole ideas at Kleas:

DIY Maypoles with dyed silk ribbons. Photo credit:

Here are a few other great sites to visit for creating a Maypole and celebrating May Day with your children:

Maypole with Beads. Photo credit:

Maypole Nature Table. Photo credit:

Fresh flowers and Ribbon Maypole. Photo credit:

Stone-tipped Fairy Ribbon Wands. Photo credit:

A sweet tradition in the past (that is likely to gain new momentum) was to prepare May Day baskets filled with flowers or treats, and to leave them anonymously on the front door steps of a neighbour or friend. For tips on how to make your own May Day basket, visit Ben Partridge’s excellent post on The May Day Basket Refresher at Apartment Therapy at

May Day Baskets. Photo credit: Ben Partridge

May 1st is also International Workers’ Day which was officially recognized in 1891 and celebrates the International Labour Movements and marks the 1886 Haymarket Massacre in Chicago and the subsequent 1894 May Day Riots in Cleveland, Ohio when people rioted against the ineffectual measures the city officials carried out to reduce the skyrocketing rates of unemployment at the time. While this day is officially reconized elsewhere, here in Canada and the United States, Labour Day is recognized on September 1st (a move that was favoured by the then governor of Ohio so as not to commemorate the riots).

Currently, there is a resurgence in the United States and elsewhere to celebrate this infamous day in the context of supporting the 99% of the population who are not as well off as the remaining 1%. This planned day of protest is fuelled by the Occupy Wall Street (and other Occupy movements around the world) .

So what will we be doing this May 1st? Since I’ll be at home with the girls, we will be celebrating this special day as a tribute to spring and all its glory. My litle ladies love dressing up in their most desirable princess gowns and dancing around the living room or out in the front yard. So we will likely be doing some dancing (as per usual!) Not sure if we’ll have a little May Pole set up to dance around…although we could make a makeshift May Pole using our beautiful white hobby horse which would also double as a perfect companion to my two lovely little May Queens.

And perhaps a flower garland for their hair, or pansy flowers pressed into shortbread cookies in a basket would be a welcome activity to add to our day.

For a great shortbread recipe with pressed flowers to celebrate spring, here’s a great article on Stonegable:

Pansy shortbread cookies. Photo credit:

Here’s to a very Happy May Day and a great start to your month! What does the month of May mean to you? Will you do anything special this May Day? Please share your thoughts.