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Parents: Get back into the rhythm of the day with an exercise routine


As a parent of young kids, it can be challenging to schedule in time for yourself each day. There will always be plenty of others things to catch up on and before you know it, you have spent the last few months or even years of your life, not having taken time just for yourself. Don’t become a victim of your situation! Even if it’s just getting in a 15 minute workout doing yoga, tai chi, qigong, a morning walk, or a simple stretch routine, I challenge you to try and schedule in that time just for yourself. Exercise helps flush toxins, rejuvenates and repairs your body, and boosts your overall mood. Wake up a half hour earlier or schedule it in after the kids have gone to bed. I promise you won’t regret it. And even if you miss a few days, get right back on it. You’ll feel amazing in no time. What things do you like to do just for yourself?




Qi Gong


What is Qigong and what can it do?

Qigong is a meditative exercise (which Tai Chi has its roots in) that can nourish and build Qi (energy and blood circulation), increase balance, decrease cortisol production, and increase strength.

For more info, Daisy Lee of Radiant Lotus Qigong has a great introduction to Qigong on YouTube that you can watch:

Daisy Lee Talks About the Gifts of Qigong at World Tai Chi and Qigong Day – Dallas 2009


For more info, please visit her site at: http://www.radiantlotusqigong.com/