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Happy New Year 2015!

Hqppy New Year 2015!

Happy New Year 2015!

May this year bring you the promise of the rising sun and the hopes realized of all with whom we share this beautiful planet. – Fay Meling


Leapin’ Leap Frogs! It’s a Leap Year!

There’s something special about a day that only comes once every four years…

My mother’s birthday falls on March 1…so that means every four years, she has to wait one extra day to see her special day arrive. And since this year marks a special entry into a new decade for her, this means that her daughters get one extra day to plan the festivities!

And what about those special people who can officially only celebrate a February 29th birthday every four years? Now I consider them especially lucky. Who else gets to technically call themselves 24 when they are actually 96?!!¬† Lucky either way, I suppose if they’re living to 96 ūüôā

If you’ve read my very first post on my blog, you will know that I’m one of those people who¬†definintely benefits from¬†special days which motivate me to start something new. New Year’s Day on January 1st,¬†the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Dragon on January 23rd, and the beginning of the Tibetan New Year, ‘TibetanLosar’¬†on February 22nd of this year, have all come and gone. Luckily, I managed to start some of my pet projects by Losar. But having this one extra day does seem to push a few other projects to the fore today. Will this be the day we each¬†transform¬†our bodies, our minds to¬†conquer our daily challenges, and¬†take our long wished- for¬†dreams, and our new found passions and turn them into a tangible reality?