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Welcoming the light after the dark

The last few weeks have seen some hardships for my small but growing family. With the decision to finally transfer my older daughter into a new class, we had our share of anxiety as to what the transition would be like for her.  The ‘not knowing’ phase before the decision was made was probably the most anxiety ridden part. Removing Julia from a situation that was not improving and that was not being properly addressed was the best way to help our little one out. Once she started her new class, it was clear that a positive shift had occurred. While I’m sure any change produces its fair share of stress, especially on little ones, my little girl has shown how truly resilient we humans can be… how placing our trust in each other can truly make or break a situation.  In her new environment, I have seen her adapt to new and positive energy from her lovely teacher and classmates. Today, I caught a glimpse of her bursting with joy, running in the playground with her new and also old friends after school. She could not have made her mother happier or prouder.

This post is really meant for my friends who are going through their own experiences lately of illness, loss, fear, anguish – I can only imagine what you are going through. I know our concerns at this time are trivial compared to what some of you are now going through. I hope your days become lighter with each moment and each breath that accepts and then let’s go.  Light may shine through slowly, but it will surely find its way to you.


The Gift of Welcome

My daughter started a new class yesterday. What a strange adventure the last few weeks have been! While the challenges of kindergarten may seem trivial to some from the outside, those who have children or have experience dealing with ‘little people’ know how truly devastating an on-going, non-positive experience in a child’s first year of school can be. It can be made even worse if a child is not given the proper support right away to address such a situation. Thankfully, my husband and I finally took the bull by its horns and pushed through (with a mama bear perseverence that truly shone this time), until we saw some clear and constructive action.

While it would’ve been nice for everything to get sorted out and have my daughter carry on in the same class for the last four months of the school year, it seems that getting to this point and then having her switch into a new class was truly a blessing in disguise.

On  her first day, the new teacher handed me a note which I opened up at home. Boy, did she ever get the showers going! I was so pleasantly surprised by her kind words of welcome and also of her sense of understanding about what emotions we were experiencing, that I could not stop crying. Her words and actions have truly made such a difference. If only such actions were truly contagious…I think the world would become a much better place, much faster.  I am truly very thankful to this lovely person who has entered our lives.

May this story send you the positive vibrations that my family and I are experiencing right now.