Happy Year of the Goat 2015!

The Lunar New Year of the Yin Wood Goat has arrived, and along with it, some confusion as to whether it should be referred to as the Year of the Goat/ Sheep/ Ram. The Chinese characters for goat, sheep, ram, and antelope all include the  羊 yang character: e.g. sheep (绵羊), goat (山羊), ram/buck (公羊…

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Hyperemesis Gravidarum: The silent suffering of a few special mamas-to-be

Hyperemesis gravidarum: ever heard of it? It wasn’t until Kate Middleton’s first pregnancy was announced that I felt that the general public became more aware of this very serious illness. I too suffered this debilitating condition that left me unable to work, care for my kids, or do even menial jobs for the first five…

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How Acupuncture Can Heal Your Broken Heart

Ah…Valentine’s Day. It’s a very special day to honour the people you love today. Hopefully, you have been doing your best to do this each and everyday! For some, it may also be a very difficult day that brings painful memories to the surface. If you have suffered a significant loss or breakup, a day…

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Natural TCM Cures for Migraine Sufferers

Do you suffer from chronic migraines? If so, you’ve probably already tried to identify the triggers and experimented with medications to see what can put you out of your misery.  You may even be suffering from one now. Migraines are severe headaches that can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light. They can…

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Natural PMS Cures: Part II

In my last post, I addressed the Top Ten Ways To Relieve PMS Symptoms Naturally Dr. Mark Hyman, also addresses some of the points I listed and why they affect our monthly cycles in his article in the Huffington Post titled, Eliminate Suffering From PMS in Five Simple Steps Dr. Christiane Northrup also has some…

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Update on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Regulation in Ontario

Many of you in the health care industry or who receive acupuncture treatment here in Canada are aware that the profession of Traditional Chinese medicine (which includes acupuncture) recently became regulated here in Ontario. This is following along the footsteps of British Columbia (whereas only the acupuncture profession is regulated in Alberta and Quebec). I…

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Acupuncture for Cancer

The following is an article I had published several years back in Vitality Magazine on March 01, 2007 and which can also be accessed on my clinic blog at http://www.acupao.com  http://www.acupao.com/2012/03/26/acupuncture-for-cancer/ Acupuncture for Cancer – Integrating Eastern with Western Medicine In the fall of 2003, the Canadian Cancer Society held its first symposium on the…

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Acupuncture for Pregnancy & Labour | Vitality Magazine | Toronto Canada alternative health, natural medicine and green living

Here is a great article by Chris Di Tecco, D.Ac, D.TCM,  on how acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help you during the different stages of pregnancy and labour: Acupuncture for Pregnancy & Labour | Vitality Magazine | Toronto Canada alternative health, natural medicine and green living.

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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for Postpartum Recovery

The following are just some of the many conditions that acupuncture, moxibustion and Chinese Medicine can be used for treating women postpartum: Immediately following natural labour or Caesarean section: -Pain due to episiotomy and/or tearing of perineum, surgical scarring after C-section, spinal headache, coccyx pain due to injured/broken tailbone (Note: acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can…

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Acupuncture Awareness Week February 27-March 04, 2012

Acupuncture Awareness Week February 27-March 04, 2012

“The first ever Acupuncture Awareness Week in the UK, supported by the British Acupuncture Council, aims to dispel the myths surrounding acupuncture, what conditions it can help and give members of the public/you all the information you need about treatment.

If you have a burning question about acupuncture you will find here a host of independent expert advice and answers including: Ask the Experts and video testimonials” – Acupuncture Awareness Week website