Love Celi’s posts. She is a great writer, a great farmer and a great friend to her loved ones. If you ever need a pick me up, read her posts!


When I first dreamed of having peacocks, this was the scene I saw in the sleepy eye of my mind. Kupa up on a fence surveying the farmy.  His colours  flashing but somehow blending with the surroundings. A tail like a collection of impossibly precious emerald brooches draped so casually across  the rustic fence.  Kupa has the most fantastic neon plumage, from his demure petticoats to the tail that grows longer daily. He is first up in the morning, and getting wonderfully tame.

He is an anachronism and at the same time perfectly at home in this location. Though the sight of him scoffing pig food in the pig sty is still a little unsettling.

Minty is learning to share. 

Though in the late afternoon  she still  likes to wait for her milk up on the verandah with the cats. 

Good morning. Daisy is standing on the North side of…

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