Rice Congee for Colds and Flu (Gan Mao)

Here is a common recipe used to prepare rice congee with other healthy ingredients to treat symptoms relating to the common cold and flu, by helping to release heat through the discharge of sweat.


Scallions – 5 whole ones

Fresh Ginger – approx. 15g,

Glutinous/Sticky White Rice* -100g ( Please note: glutinous rice is gluten-free!)


Boil 6 parts of water with 1 part rice (e.g. 600g water: 100g rice, change amounts but keep ratio if you desire more or less). Once rice has been cooked into porridge, mash scallions and ginger into a pulp, add to congee and simmer.

Note: Congee can also be prepared in a crock pot or clow cooker. Simply add all prepared ingredients into the pot, put on low setting, and allow it to simmer overnight for approximately 6-8 hours. In the morning, presto! Your breakfast is ready and waiting to be served with any additional seasoning (e.g. a pinch of soy sauce/salt).

(Flaws, Bob. The Book of Jook. Blue Poppy Press, Boulder, CO, 1995).


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