Milkshake anyone? The Amazing Chocolate Milk Adventure

Had any gravity defying experiences lately? My daughter’s chocolate milkshake sure did!

Last week, as we were driving home from our Ontario-mandated Family Day Weekend in Ottawa (which I fully aprove of, btw!!), we made a much needed lunch stop in Brockville. About an hour after, one of my lovely little daughters needed to make an extra stop. So we pulled over at the next rest station, got out to tend with business, and low and behold, what did my husband find? Perched above the roof of our car, looking ever so innocent with both straws and an open spout was my daughter’s unfinished chocolate milk drink from lunch! How the chocolate milk managed to stay steady on its feet while we traversed Hwy 401 at speeds that dared to go close to the legal  limit (mentioned ‘close to’ so as not to risk incriminating myself!), is beyond me. What was even more incredible was my dear husband who was clearly not concerned about what the chocolate milk had just been through and was considering drinking it still! Those Scots!

Have a wonderful day!