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Rhythm: Part Four

Rhythm: Part Four.

Rhythm: Part Five

Rhythm: Part Five.

Rhythm: Part Three

Rhythm: Part Three.

Rhythm: Part Two

Rhythm: Part Two.

Rhythm: Part One

Rhythm: Part One.

Day Three, Part Two: Twenty Days Toward Being A More Mindful Mother

Day Three, Part Two: Twenty Days Toward Being A More Mindful Mother.

Part Two, Day Two: Twenty Days Toward Being a More Mindful Mother

If you are new to this series of posts by Carrie of the Parenting Passageway (http://theparentingpassageway.com), please refer to my note on my previous post under Education, which links to Day One, Part Two: Twenty Days Toward Being A More Mindful Mother http://faymeling.wordpress.com/2012/03/11/day-one-part-two-twenty-days-toward-being-a-more-mindful-mother/ . Thanks! -Fay Meling


Day One, Part One: Twenty Days Toward Being A More Mindful Mother

I just came across this lovely blog on parenting by Carrie of the Parenting Passageway. Carrie is “a certified neonatal and pediatric physical therapist, lay breastfeeding counselor, board-certified lactation consultant and positive parenting and homeschool consultant, Carrie has observed, worked with and counseled thousands of families.”

( http://theparentingpassageway.com/about/)

Carrie has written a series of entries that are meant to inspire us to become more mindful in our parenting. She is a wonderful and thoughtful writer, and I will post her insights for these next 20 days so that you too may follow along or link to her. I hope you enjoy reading these and some of her other posts as much as I have. (Please note: I love the Waldorf philosophy, and am intrigued by homeschooling. Our current situation has our older daughter attending a great public school with french immersion, but I do love the ideas that many homeschoolers present.  As a parent, I am not bound to any one system of education or any other beliefs that one author/person may espouse. I simply take the information as is and digest what makes sense for me and my family. Please feel free to do the same). -Fay Meling